La Semaine du Golfe 27 May 2 June 2019

“La Semaine du Golfe” or Gulf Week is an international sailing event in the Gulf of Morbihan, South Brittany

Book your accomodation for the Gulf Week, a great sailing event with a lot to see and do!
From 27 May to 2 June 2019, (Ascension short-break holiday), the Gulf of Morbihan will host the Gulf Week, a famous festival of classic sailing boats.

A great event not to be missed !

A maritime key event and a majour festival

Once every 2 years, more than 1000 classic boats come to celebrate this great sailing event in the Gulf of Morbihan.
Sail & oar craft, small “camp cruising” boats, classic yachts, fishing boats, classic motorboats, as well as tall ships, such as three-masts barks, bricks, topsail schooners, ketchs or prestigious racing yachts… will sail around the islands of the Gulf.

2019 Guests of honor ” From North Cape to the Grand Canal ” : two special guests are invited in 2019, Norway and Venezia. Replicas of Viking boats, gondolas and other traditional fishing boats come to sail in the Gulf!

Every day is a party in the harbour and on the water!

The flotillas go sailing in regattas every day and stop for the night in 18 harbours in the Gulf of Morbihan : Baden, Larmor-Baden, Saint-Goustan old harbour (Auray), île aux Moines (Moines island), île d’Arz (Arz island), Vannes …

A major festival

Spectators will enjoy the view from ashore or onboard traditional sailing ships.
Every night, one of the 17 Gulf’s harbours will welcome crews and visitors with an animated programme, traditional music, entertainment : Saint-Goustan old harbour in Auray, lle aux Moines, Ile d’Arz, Larmor-Baden, Vannes …

High points of the Semaine du Golfe 2019 :

Monday 27 May : The Opening Parade : the sailing boats come in the Gulf
Tuesday 28 May : “Ile d’Arz”
29 – 31 May : Flotillas’ regattas
Saturday 1 June : The Great Parade, all boats will sail out of the Gulf and will come back with the tide, offering a gorgeous show to close this event in great style…

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