Riding school : lessons and pony walk

Passion for riding in Mané Guernehué, for all levels

Riding training courses on weekday during 5 days : all levels from beginner to galop 7.

The Riding school is open all year round.


  • For summer 5-day training course, all level from Monday to Friday
    from 9 July to 31 Augsut
  • 110€ 5-day training course for the campsite’s guests
  • NEW : true sport-related internship 150€ 5-day training course
    2 hours / day including upgrading and theory.

Book now : upload the registration form

Individual riding lessons

  • 39€ one hour (3 maximum per lesson)

Occasional group lessons

  • 29€ one hour

Poney or horse riding accompanied by the instructor

  • 29€ one hour in the domain and outside

Pony or horseback riding tour with the instructor

  • 24€ one hour

Pony walk for the very young guided by the parents parents

  • 10€ 1/2 hour

Price for one person.

Sign up in advance :
To sign up, please download the registration form and send it back to us together with the payment.

License and insurance :
One-year license  (25€ for -18 year old)
For non-licensees, please submit a certificate of insurance covering equestrian activity or take a holiday license (8€ valid for one month)